These Are Now the #1 Health Problem in America Today

People are struggling with their weight more now than ever before. Overall, 71 percent of Americans are either overweight or obese. There are many reasons for this, but no matter why you got there, we need to turn it around. There is no easy route, but there is one that absolutely works every time.

Most people who are overweight develop an unhealthy relationship with food. They eat what they like or love vs. eat what they need to maintain their health. Many of the patients I help in this regard come to me with a list of health conditions that they are suffering with - diabetes, high blood pressure, skin problems, hashimoto’s, hormone imbalances, anxiety/depression, sleep disturbances, etc. - and we need to figure them out.

It is NOT about cutting your calories. It is about learning how your body works, fixing your metabolism and strengthening your mindset so you can change the way your body works.

What comes first, the weight problem or the health problem?

The answer is clearly that it could go either way. It doesn’t really matter actually. What we need to do is fix it! It is not an easy road, but one that has helped countless patients of mine lose thousands of pounds. Diet pills and surgery are band aids. Neither one fixes the root causes.

Are you struggling with your weight and are ready to change your life??