Most people who find this site are looking for help with a chronic health condition. Patients I see have diagnoses that include chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines, post-concussion syndrome, autoimmune conditions, obesity, anxiety, autism, dizziness, chronic pain, depression, vertigo, ADHD, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, MTHFR, sleep disorders and many more.

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Leaky Gut/
Irritable Bowel Syndrome








Chronic Fatigue


Weight Loss

The first thing that probably comes to your mind is how could one doctor specialize in all of these conditions?  The answer is simple, I don’t treat these conditions. I search for and treat the causes of many of these problems.  You have probably been seeing doctors for years who have been treating the symptoms and where has it gotten you?  I have been uniquely trained to look at your history and lifestyle, examine you functionally, run extensive blood, urine, stool & saliva testing and create treatment plans designed to attack the cause of your complaints and turn things around.

I use a science-based model of healthcare that approaches the body from a radically different perspective. This model understands that the brain and organ systems of the body work together in synchronicity with the environment to maintain health and have tremendous influence over each other in subtle but complex interrelationships. An imbalance in any of these areas can lead to health problems or disease. This is science-based medicine, not “alternative” medicine. It incorporates the most recent scientific literature of physiological and pathological processes into its model of clinical care.

Our understanding of the human body is always advancing and evolving.  There are always advances in the literature with regard to biophysics, neurology, endocrinology, physiology, nutrition, immunology and genetics pointing to new ways of looking at and understanding health and the risk of developing disease.

We strive to stay current by reading and studying research articles every week!