I have changed my life! Thx Dr Mike

Don’t want to be dramatic but at the risk of over-sharing, I am too proud of myself so it warrants a post. This is for my “On This Day” next year and the years to come.... my hope is when I look back at my memories from this day, I will still be on this amazing journey in pursuit of the best version of myself.

Dear Future Me, you rocked this. If the last 6 months are any predictor of future success, well, look out, because you have been focused and dedicated to this like you never have before. A small dose of positive selfishness and self care has resulted in a total transformation.

I am addicted to feeling this good. Mentally, physically, emotionally...I am a different person. I am better version of myself. I like this Amy so much more.
The 50+ pounds lost is really only a small part of what I have accomplished.
No more mood swings. No more aches and pains. No more waking up with a bad back or stiff neck. It wasn’t the mattress or grading too many papers. I stopped making excuses for how horrible I felt. I stopped accepting feeling like crap. I didn’t feel in control at all. 

No more acne. Monthly cramps are barely anything now. More energy. No anxiety. No stomach issues. No more popping TUMS like candy. Happier. Healthier. I’m not tired all the time. Life is still chaotic with multiple jobs and 5 kids going in every direction. Autism is still the same insanely challenging stressor but I now have energy to keep fighting.

Today I returned to Dr Mike to review my new blood work and compare the results to the labs from my first visit 6 months ago. One should hope that the results would show positive changes to match the physical changes on the outside.

It was great to see, in black and white, how I have fixed my health. 
Thanks for letting me share. On to tomorrow and all the extra tomorrows I now get to have because I made my heath a priority. Dr Mike thinks I may have added up to 20 years to my life!!!


should be less than 150
Sept = 157
Now = 71

Inflammation numbers (relative risk for stroke or major life event)
Less than 1 is low 
1-3 is average risk
Greater than 3 high dangerous
Sept = 5.4. (Scary)
Now = 1.3

Total Cholesterol 
Should be 100-199
Sept = 234
Now = 180

LCL Cholesterol 
Should be 0-99
Sept = 147
Now = 100

S cerevisiae (gut health like leaky gut, Crohn’s, IBS etc predictors)
IgG and IgA
Should be under 20
Sept = 23.6
Now = under 20

I have not felt this good since.....I can’t remember the last time I felt this healthy.

I hope this does not sound braggadocious (spelling??) I am just so ecstatic and proud of myself and really want to document it so next year I can reflect on the journey.

- A.C.