We were meant to move, not to sit or lie around so much.  We have known for a long time that a sedentary lifestyle causes chronic illness! 

Why is this so important?

Your brain runs your body and it is a chemical AND electrical system.    Unless you are getting tests like an EEG or EKG, no one ever talks about the electrical side of the body.  Like the heart, the brain has a pacemaker (actually 2 pacemakers – see the Light section) that keeps it working appropriately.  But, if it is an electrical system and you have no way to plug yourself into the wall and have no battery pack, where does the electricity come from?  It comes from movement.

Every time you move your head, muscles, ligaments and joints, your body is sending signals to your brain.  For example, if you were sitting and had your eyes closed and I lifted your arm over your head, you would say that you ‘felt it move’ and would know it was lifted up.  That movement stimulates receptors (nerve endings) that power up your brain! That’s why people who exercise or do yoga or Pilates feel better than those who do not.

This is also the key to chiropractic adjustments.  Adjusting the spine stimulates the receptors hidden in the muscles and joints around the spine, which increases brain activation!