The human body needs to be exposed to the Sun.  It acts like a solar panel with your eyes and skin soaking up the light frequencies.  This light energy is used to do many things from stimulating your brain through Pacemaker #2, to allowing for the physical properties of water in your cells, to creating your day and night cycles, to allowing your cellular energy production to take place!

These are incredibly important functions, so why do so many Americans suffer from Sunlight deficiency?  It’s easy, they have been told that the Sun causes skin cancer and it is to be avoided…  But, consider this.  Vitamin D production in the skin would never have been linked to Sun exposure if we were supposed to avoid the SUN!

True, overexposure can cause skin damage and potentially lead to skin cancer, but we are not talking about overdoing it.

To make matters worse, living inside 99% of the time creates a double whammy – overexposure to indoor lighting and technology (computers, TVs, iPads, microwaves, cell and cordless phones).  It’s called nnEMF or non-native electromagnetic radiation – and all of these emit different frequencies that negatively affect our cells.

Over the next few years, there will be an explosion in research proving this point. You may not hear too much about it because there is no money to be made telling people to get some Sunshine!

It’s time to get outside and work on avoiding nnEMF as much as possible.