Your brain controls and coordinates everything in your body.  It is linked with the Mind and has powerful influence over all things physical, mental and emotional.  It contains about 86 billion nerve cells – each one being connected to 10,000 more nerve cells!

The brain takes in information from the environment through the senses – vision, hearing, taste, smell, movement, touch, temperature and balance. It combines this sensory information with Sunlight hitting the skin and eyes, as well as movement and internal feedback and creates an understanding of who and where you are.

It’s amazing.

Because there are so many variables, many things can affect brain function.  Toxins, nutritional status, light environment and concussion are all major contributors to neurological and psychological problems.

Understanding how the brain works functionally and how it interacts with the environment gives us a unique perspective on how to optimize its function.  Its ability to grow and change over time – called synaptogenesis – gives us a major advantage in rehabilitating it.

Time you get your brain working optimally!